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entry into property
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Just a quick message to see if another landlord has had forced entry into their property with unfounded and unsubstantiated concerns of a friend, why do the police use this antiquated tool known to them as the big red key. Do they know it is 2019 and there are such people as locksmiths in every locality, the damage caused by their method of entry with the big red key is astronomical as opposed to contacting a locksmith. The costs of police entry is £800 plus a bill for £240 for some rogue firm putting £10 worth of material on the door and frame, it would have taken a joiner less than 30 minutes to do the job and they are trying to get the £240 from me. Good luck with that one. Does anyone know if the police get some kind of commission from these firms who charge these ridiculous charges, it would be nice to hear from landlords who have had an experience with the police quoting section 17 and we have your best interests and have the right to force entry to save life and limb, that's going to happen when the property is empty. The person whom instigated this action had been informed by the occupant of the property that he could be away over the xmas period so why she found it necessary to phone the police in the first place beggars belief. The cost for a locksmith to attend drill out old barrel lock and fit new one £100 all in job done is this to simple ? .

18/02/2019 16:32

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