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I would like to ask opinion regarding section 8 Notice and eviction.

My tenant who has been served section 21 in September last year but is still in the property and I am still trying to find ways of convincing him to leave without having to go to court, which he seems to misunderstand now and take it as a sign of welcome, because he told me let me know when you go to court!!. I had every intention of serving section 21 again soon, but something new happened. He contacted me and the estate agents a week ago to inform us that there has been mice at the property...For nearly a year, his own words! and that he has trying to block some holes etc, himself. but That didn't work. Now the problem is so serious all over the house and the mice have reached the ceilings, the roof area, and next door neighbour!!!!!
It turns out he only finally informed us about this issue because the neighbour started complaining the mice found their way to their house. So they called my estate agents and told them about it.
Now the estate agent is trying to convince me that I should pay a few hundreds for a pest control who will go inspect the property and start dealing with it, and that if it happens again, then the tenant should pay for it in the future! it does not sound right to me!.. I am expected to pay for the result of his lack of understanding and bad habits, and also keep him and wait for it to happen again? this is not the first time he delays reporting a repair, because I can see now why, he likes his privacy and does not want to report if he feels he can have no visitors or intruders that spoil his peace! so the result is he would only report when he is obliged and on this occasion it is the neighbour's complaint.

how that can happen is beyond me,I am simply angry and trying to find ways to deal with it appropriately. I am going to inspect the property too next week and will hear feedback from the pest control company by then, as they will hopefully provide me with more information about the size of the problem and the causes etc!

My question is can you serve section 8 Notice based on this? It was only after the neighbour knocked on his door he finally felt obliged to report the issue to me. She also also contacted the estate agents and told them that she is unhappy about it because she has children and does not want mice in her house, understandably!!!!!!!
He had many opportunities to report back to me way earlier but he simply did not. And he when the problem is gone beyond and to next door neighbours, that's when he wants me to deal with it, pay for it, and make himself sound like a victim in the email for enduring this appalling situation, as he asks for it to be dealt with urgently!! how sincere!
He added the mice are there because there are holes in the walls.... which sounds ridiculous, as the pest control guy told the estate agent yes if there are holes they will contribute but mice are not cause by that, it is to do with other issues, such as rubbish disposal etc.

Please let me know if you think the above sounds like sufficient reason to fill in section 8 Notice.

Many thanks in advance.

28/02/2019 14:25

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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