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We have joint tenants who have become extremely difficult in the short time they have been with us. They have a guarantor as they claim their money (apparently millions!) is abroad as well as additional property in this country (so weíre led to believe by the agent). Things were beginning to look bad when rent wasnít being paid over a 3 month period last year. The male tenant then claimed he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was in a bad way but would sort things out. Over this period we were very understanding and showing great compassion with his circumstances, we stayed in close contact every few days to monitor his condition until we got no response to our calls and texts. We finally visited the flat as we were concerned for his health and continued to knock on the door until he finally emerged. He looked dreadful and claimed to have been on a 2 day drinking binge as his partner had just left him. He said to us that we had ďsaved his lifeĒ as he was so depressed and we were the only people who cared.
Following that, his partner emailed us wanting to be released from the tenancy but we had to inform her that unfortunately it wasnít as simple as that and explained her obligations. She asked us not to tell her partner, which we didnít.
We finally got our back rent and have still suffered with late payment problems since.
Since then, more extraordinary things have occurred. Unfortunately, we had a squirrel get into the loft of the flats, above this particular tenant. He reported it to us before Christmas and we immediately got in touch with the freeholder. As we are only the leasehold and having no access to the loft, problems of this type are down to the freeholder. Sadly, despite 2 attempts to get the freeholder to contact pest control, nothing happened for a a while and having heard nothing from the tenant, we assumed the problem had gone away.
We then received contact from the tenant complaining that the problem was still ongoing and that he was annoyed that nothing was being done (quite rightly). I again contacted the freeholder and insisted that something was done immediately and this time they jumped into action and I met pest control on site that day.
We have finally caught the culprit and stopped the problem but now the tenant wants to claim Ďcompensationí claiming heís been to see his lawyer. We were astonished at this sudden aggression after all the kindness and understanding we had shown him over these many months. We had a meeting and he asked what were we prepared to offer him but my response was that I didnít believe We owed him so it was up to him to tell us what he was looking for? He then asked for 24 hours to discuss it with his partner who has since returned and here we are, over a week later having heard nothing! Iíve since contacted him and heís claiming heís having Ďcancer treatmentí and I need to negotiate with his partner. They havenít paid the monthís and next month is due in a few days. We believe they are going to ask for one monthís rent as you think this is acceptable or should we fight them?
We intend to serve a Section 21 at the beginning of May as their tenancy ends beginning of July.
We would value opinion on this dreadful situation please.

02/03/2019 09:45

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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