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My tenant is on a contractual periodic tenancy. The rental period is on a monthly basis and starts on the 25th of a month and ends on the 24th of following month. They are on the RLA AST agreement Clause 2 which states that "To end the contractual continuation tenancy the required notice is written notice to the other party. The notice must end on the last day of a rental period and must be of sufficient length.Where the tenancy is for monthly rental periods the notice must be at least one calendar month in length.".

If the tenant wants to vacate the property on the 30th of July and gives us a notice before 25th of June, can they do that and are we able to charge then the prorata rent for the extra 6 days or do we need to ask them to end the contract on the 24th of the month?

Are there any contractual risks of allowing them to extend the stay for extra 6 days?

Many thanks

17/03/2019 12:25

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