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Dear RLA,
I have recently received my service charge for one of my flats. They have provided a total per line item, the number of units in the building and my “share”. My “share” has been calculated at 142% of the average.
I’m told that the calculation is done by square foot area.
Is there anything I can do to challenge this as most of the bills have no correlation to the size of my kitchen? Surely this is an unfair term of the lease hold contract?
The largest line items are management fees, staff salaries, reserves and sinking fund contributions, for which square foot has no baring on the costs. I could possibly understand why insurance might be allocated slightly differently, but also not directly by square foot.
Please help as the costs have recently been increased and I can no longer afford to pay 42% more than my fair share. I could tolerate it when the service charge was small but now it is thousands every half year.

21/03/2019 11:53

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