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As I am finding these forums very helpful - think i am on a role.

I have a tenant who has reported a blocked sink. I sent out a family member who confirmed if was blocked with Gum and a kids toy.
He fixed the block. Would anyone of done anything different here?

Likewise she is also reported there is a burning smell coming from the shower. The same family member (my dad) checked on it (obviously would only use qualified registered electrician for the actual work) who reported no smoke, shower is working but commented that the smell could in fact be the build up of soap sludge around the shower base and build up of bacteria as it looked rotting. My dad suggested she put some rubber gloves on and clean it up 0-: but she is insisting to me - its a burning smell.

So annoying as this is a benefits tenant who is currently late with her monthly rent as she was busy on a beach in the Caribbean.
Thoughts very welcome.

01/04/2019 14:02

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