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Fridge Freezer issue

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Hi all just want to get some clarity on this issue I experienced today;

at 5.51pm today I get a message from my tenant informing me that on arrival from her work this evening she found that the fridge freezer had stopped working properly, we went through a Q&A to ensure it wasnít anything simple to sort out, following this by 6.37pm I had offered them an engineer to attend on Thursday 04/04 between 8-1, they began to insist on an immediate attendance this evening instead, so a clearly pointed out that it is a more specialist. Repair and it needed a qualified engineer to attend not any other furthermore it was deemed a non emergency issue and for me to provide someone within 1 and half working day was the best that I could do.

my question is they are asking compensation for food items as the contents of the FF have been ruined even though Iíve had no prior notification before 5.51pm today in the end of a working day, secondly I asked them not to contact me after working hours unless it was for emergency reasons such as a water leak or a gas leak etc.

could anyone comment about the above, anyone has had any similar situations ?

I dread to call the RLA as each time I call them for advice I get a very one sided opinion which does not take into account any scenarios around the issue.

02/04/2019 20:51

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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