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I have a tenant on a 6-month AST, whose fixed term is about to end. He wants to stay, on a new 6-month agreement, but has asked to move his girlfriend in, to which I have no objection. I would be grateful for advice on how best to proceed. I assume it would be better for me if she has the status of a joint tenant rather than just an unnamed guest, especially if they were to split up in the future, and the implications that could have?

Assuming I renew the existing tenancy, in both their names (providing she passes my standard application), Would I be actually ending one tenancy and starting a completely new one? Would I have to refund the existing deposit and have them (jointly) pay a new one? If so I assume that would imply redoing the inventory and checking/charging for any damage; which would be very awkward at this stage and I would really rather avoid? (also difficult to do in practice as it's an unfurnished let, full of all the current tenant's stuff now).

Any advice on how to make this process as easy as possible would be much appreciated.

09/04/2019 20:13

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