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Mr Millet
Mr Millet
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No wonder so many landlords are quitting!!!

With the restrictions on S21s and ban on fees (such as late rent penalties) are there any suggestions regarding best way to avoid tenant non payment of rent (a 3% max penalty is hardly disincentive). If 8 weeks advance rent is paid in advance and the contract states that the rent becomes in arrears the day after the rent day it is unpaid - does this allow S8 mandatory grounds on rent being 8 weeks in arrears or does the landlord have to wait a further 8 weeks?? The latter I expect!!
Does anyone have an opinion (and reasons) on whether it is better to charge (say) 2 months advance rent with no deposit or better to maximise deposit, charging less advance rent?

When are the government going to realise the damage they are doing to the PRS by introducing ridiculous legislation to protect against such a small minority of rogue landlords? Soon it won't be possible to get bad tenants and non payers out before the Landlord has declared himself bankrupt.

20/04/2019 15:32

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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