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S 8 Eviction citing rental arreas of 8 weeks

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Hi I am in the slow process of evicting two tenants on a section 8 eviction.
My solicitor spoke for me at Court. We were in Court on March 21st.
The tenants turned up and basically told lies, some of which were not relevant to the case. The judge said if they could back up their words that were relevant by 29th March I would get the court order if they couldn't produce proof. Weeks later I received a copy of this, but extending the deadline a further seven days. My solicitor said he would chase things up on the 18th April after allowing seven days plus one.
During this time the tenants asked me for £100 stating that they would leave straight away. I took advice and ignored their text message.
Yesterday April 21st, they messaged me saying they would leave the property in thirty minutes of receiving £160.
They stated they had found somewhere to live and had to have the money by Monday 24th April. Over the bank holiday it is impossible to call my Solicitor until Tuesday 25th April.
They declared that £160 should come out of their deposit. Declaring that their deposit isn't registered. It wasn't registered in the beginning but now it is registered with the RLA. They now owe me thirty weeks rent. The Council were paying me directly but since January they stopped the housing benefit payments. They have failed to pay the top up for thirty weeks now.
I haven't replied to their demands.
This afternoon someone told me someone has splashed yellow paint onto the roof, back window and boot of my car. I have an incident number for this from the Police. They are ruling the house and the 6 other tenants lives, there is never any proof. My property next door was recently burgled, a total of £400 was stolen. Police were informed.
They are damaging things including their own room door. They accused me of paying someone to beat them up.
They have been barred from several shops for shop lifting, they go out at night burglarizing.
Tragically they are heroin addicts, and probably want money for drugs.
The main point is that they are trying to get money from me. I am sure it wouldn't be right to do this. What do you think?
I spent all winter with my curtains closed and basically hid from the world.
Thank you for your time.

20/04/2019 17:22

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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