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I have a tenant who informed me 6 months ago that she no longer had her family as guarantor for her rent and that she could not continue to make payments. She appears to have fallen out with her family and partner. Otherwise she had been a good tenant until payments became erratic and arrears were building up.

I was reasonable with her and vowed to help as much as I could. -she has 3 children under 12 years. She spoke to LA after some time who referred her to SHELTER. I issued a Section 21 notice. SHELTER informed tenant that Notice was defective in so far that I was not registered as a licensed L/L in Wales. I admit that I had completely overlooked this aspect.

I completed all requirements to become licensed and sent off details and fee to Cardiff. Acknowledgement received.

I issued a new Section 21 notice to expire in mid May 2019. SHELTER contacted me to inquire about tenant/tenancy/any proposals/ application for discretionary assistance etc for tenant. I explained the complete situation to them and made it clear that all arrears must be paid off within a 4 week period before any further agreement could be made.

No attempt has been made to pay monthly rent or arrears so Section 21 Notice still applies.

Tenant now refuses to take telephone calls or respond to mail or text messages. Recently Gas Safe Engineer attended for L/L certificate. Tenant was in and used her mobile phone to speak to Engineer - so I know for certain she is ignoring me. I issued a new tenancy agreement every year. It was just before the end of last agreement and before issue of fresh agreement that tenant informed me that she no longer had the support of her guarantor.

All other legal requirements are in place including EPC,Deposit Protection etc - as indeed they always have been. Tenant been in property for 6 years with no issues. I have always responded to repairs and or improvements required including new front/rear doors, gas boiler, new bathroom, loft insulation top up etc etc.

Since tenant has now decided not to communicate with me (for no reason) I would welcome all good advice as to what to do next. Do I (can I) deal with this in person or do I need a solicitor? I suspect that tenant will not be moving out under the Section 21 notice.

Do I write to ask of her intentions/ departure inventory check etc?

All advice gratefully received.

Thank you.

22/04/2019 13:08

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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