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Improvement Notice served by Council - advice

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I have a 1 bed property (cottage detached) which has been rented out and managed by a letting agent.

Long and short of it the tenant kept defaulting on rent payments and then wouldnít give access for inspections etc. I served a Section 21. Tenant refuses to move (has now gone) but in that time reported me to the Council for maintenance issues.

Iíve now had an Improvements notice served with a list of works which have to be undertaken and wondered if anyone has had experience of this.

Things like they want a wired in mains fire alarm system.

Itís a small 1 bed cottage and there are 3 smoke alarms in the property. I canít see any legal obligation to install an alarm system like this. Any advice?

Also things like where the cooker plug is (main on/off switch) is situated too close to the cooker so may cause a health and safety risk so move.

Bathroom taps have a slight drip (annoying but tenant never reported it) so may cause a health and safety hazard for tenant so replace.

The final one and itís big is that they say the bedroom windows need to be replaced to windows that are exit windows ie you could jump out of them if there was a fire. Itís an old property and this has never been mentioned before.

The frustrating thing is I donít even intend to rent it out again and am selling the property but the Council say even though the property is empty all the works have to be undertaken.

Theyíve also written to the mortgage company so now they want to know whatís going on!

Any advice would be helpful.

23/04/2019 18:54

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