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Had a strange application for 1 bed flat.

Let's call the person JR

They proceeded to interview me

This is what they asked

Can you confirm the rental price is still xxxxper month with no admin fee
Does the property have cable or fibre broadband internet connectivity
What can I change about apartment eg can I hang up a painting
Regarding repairs what do you cover
Do you know the reasons the previous tenants left
Are there any renewal or exit fees
Are there any deposits or non refundable fees and what are they for
Is there a break out clause and what does it state.
Also will I be able to renew the lease if I want to or even go month to month afterwards
What references do you require
Are the windows double glazed.

Well my helper answered and passed this section although his viewing times were day after and daytime,
My helper asked our normal questions which were answered by him and passed.

He then said he was interested in a viewing saying although not asked that he had broken up with girlfriend and that he was looking for 12 month tenancy because of this.
My helper replied that we do 6 month AST from RLA and asked how long he had rented for before
He replied 3 years.
He said he was available to move immediately if he could get a "timely viewing"

He asked "Is The AST minimum or maximum renting period"
My helper replied"it is 6 month fixed term AST so minimum 6 months.If things go well you can discuss renewing
My helper then arranged with me and responded around 7pm in evening he could come to view Saturday helper Mentioned again to make it clear
"with min and max rent period,Landlord has to let Tenant stay for 6 months,cannot do less.
However we provide max 6 month AST never longer as people's circumstances change.

He then replies(in middle of night)
Yes it is not what I am looking for, I will not need a viewing.

This kind of shook me as he had spent all that time when all he had to ask was Do you do long AST tenancies?

Never had such a long list of questions,clear he would become a problem soon enough.

Just thought I would share it with you to warn others.
I reckon he has been given the push by landlord and wants to have tenancy where he cannot be got rid of.
Difficult person from the beginning I felt.
It has been the lengthiest pre viewing

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25/04/2019 07:01

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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