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I have a tenant who moved in on 12th April. Prior to her moving in she told me she wished to have a pay as you go system for meters which she had in her previous house. I checked with British Gas and they had no problem with that. I currently have smart meters at the property. She has now contacted me with a copy of e-mail from B.G who wish to come round on 14th to install/update something alongside electric meter. I work full time and am not prepared to wait all day at property. She has told me she will be at work that day. I feel that there us nothing wrong with meters, previous tenant used to do DD. She is the one who wishes for a different system. I am more than happy to help her out and wait for perhaps 1 or 2 hours but sorry not a whole day or even half a day. Told her to do DD and there will be no problem.

29/04/2019 09:55

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