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A Section 21 Notice issued expires to-morrow 12th May. Tenant had refused to communicate by any means since March 2019 - she had been advised by Shelter and L/A since date of Section 21 issue. I have prepared all documentation for the formal court application and intended to submit an application to the court on Monday 13th May.

Tenant owes over £5100 in rent arrears and has paid nothing since February 2019.

Tenant has now sent text message that she will complete the moving out process on the evening of 13th (1 day following expiry of S.21 Notice).

I suspect that she will not provide any information as to where she is going or any forwarding address etc (as is prescribed in the tenancy agreement).

I was intending to attend the property tomorrow in any event and she was aware of my intention to do so for check out.

Any (all) suggestions as best way to manage this would be appreciated.


11/05/2019 15:25

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