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On another thread I posted my horror of finding each of the traditional type of gas and electricity meters had been changed during the tenancy to the pre-payment type. No notification whatsoever from either tenant or undertaker came to me as LL.

I am now in the process of having the meters changed back to trad.types (it can take up to 3 weeks to complete this changeover- so you have to put up with the pre-payment type until then).

Now, I make a suggestion to all LL and to the RLA for consideration- particularly our Association negotiating team. We know that that Section 21 provision is under review and will probably go - leaving LL with very much reduced powers to get rogue tenants out.

As above, my last tenant was in financial deep trouble well before she stopped paying rent. One of the reasons she or the utility company arranged to have the meters exchanged for the pre-payment type. It would appear that neither of the above is legally obliged to notify the LL. Indeed the CAB appears to actually encourage non-disclosure.

I would suggest that if there is a clause in your agreement expressly forbidding changeover with notification the tenant is in breach of the agreement. There was no such clause in my agreement.

If I had been made aware of the proposal to change over I would have smelled a festering situation and acted accordingly i.e. get her out!

Now for RLA Negotiating Team: please consider the above and use it as a bargaining tool in defence of S21 continuation. Removal of S21 will weaken our already diminishing powers to have rascals removed.

Please discuss freely and comment - positive or negative.


14/05/2019 10:07

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