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Just thought of something which I think is a good idea but would like to know what you clever clots think about it as there might be a loophole. For years I have not asked for a deposit but now I think its best to do so. However; I dont like the hassle. I just thought, without taking a deposit at the begining I will write in my addendum (as i will use the RLA agreement) that at the begining of the last 30 days a deposit of one month plus the rent in advance is payable. that way I dont need to protect it because its not more than 30 days I will keep the deposit before the tenancy ends. When the tenancy ends I will go through the inventory and then and there agree the amount to be deducted if any and will return the balance within the time require by law or if thats not right return the balance on the day they leave. How about that?

16/05/2019 19:52

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