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New Roof Trouble

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Hi Forum,

I have a two bed maisonette with a hairdressers underneath an am having some trouble with getting the main pitched / tiled roof repaired or replaced. Its leasehold with about 85 years left on the lease. Its a 1960's built property. My tenants are upstairs in the flat and the shop below is effectively the tenant of the leaseholder.

The roof needs full replacement in my opinion. We have had to get it repaired a few times over the last few years. Each time the roofer advised that we should be considering full roof tiles replacement in the near future. The Chimney needs re rendering as well.

I had the guttering replaced a while back as it was leaking. The shop below should share half the cost of any repairs or maintenance. The shop owner basically refused to pay her half of the guttering replacement stating that it was too much and that she never agreed the quote beforehand. I paid £400 to get this done. Eventually we got about £150 out of her for it but this was a lot of effort.

So now we are looking at main roof replacement. I have had quotes ranging from £5500 to £8000 for this. We sent the shopkeeper quotes for the roof replacement and replied saying she had someone look at the roof and they say that no work needs doing.

The leaseholder had someone look at it and they said that we could get away with doing repairs but doesn't have a figure on the table.

Doing nothing isn't an option. I want the roof fully replaced so the problem goes away for the foreseeable future. Fixing it up is a half way solution. Its not currently leaking and there isn't a damp problem but prevention is better than cure right?

The shop wouldn't really care if there was a damp problem up above so understandable that the shop wouldn't want to pay for something that initially won't be their problem.

Any suggestions on how I can get this sorted please? The leaseholder isn't effectively managing the situation, suggesting that we all sit round a table to talk about it. The shopkeeper is rude and obnoxious however and also not my tenant so I will not sit with her to talk about this.

I agreed with the leaseholder the other day that doing nothing isn't an option. Id settle with a repair for now but really want that roof completely replaced.

Sorry to rattle on... Appreciate your help with this

20/05/2019 21:12

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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