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Tenant wants £800 for his expenses

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My boiler broke down in May, I tried to repair it, it worked for one day but then broke down again so I installed a new boiler. So altogether there was no heating and water for 11 days (with approx 1 day break when it was working). Now the tenant demands £800 for his hotel expenses during this time. When he moved in in April, before the boiler broke down, he was late with his rent and after my calls and email he has finally paid. Again in May, his rent was due on the 1st but he was not paying it because "his bank account was frauded and I had to wait". Then after the boiler broke down he has no intention of paying any rent and he is demanding money for his expenses because I "neglected my property". And he apparently took some photos to prove it. I feel he is blackmailing me. He said he is planning to move out but I'm worried he will not want to move out now. Please advise.

24/05/2019 11:08

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