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Hi, I carried out a property inspection on the 20/12/2012 and I find that the Lock in my shed was broken and things was moived in the shed, I did took photo. I did not give the tenant my shed and she not allowed to touch my shed and it not showing on the Inventory. I went to fix the lock shed on the 13/01/2013 and I find that things has been moved again and the old garden table was in my shed which it was outside my shed. I also took photo. I went in the reception room and I saw her partner there which my tenant report to the Police that her partner damaged the front door on the 15/05/2012. Apparently there was some kind of argument and he throw the bin and the door plastic on bottom panel is cracked and the letter box is kind of loose and he pulled the knock off. The police were called and they told the tenant father of her child should pay or taking out of her deposit. I also notice on the 20/12/12 and 13/01/13 his bike is outside my garden, I also took photo. I don't think my tenant has been victim of crime, she invited him in the property. I think tenant and guarantor liable to pay for damage, I saw her partner in my property and they were close. My tenant looked shock has I entry the reception room saw her with her partner, what a joke.

I spoken to the tenant and told her, you are not allowed to touch my shed it not yours, I have not given you the shed. The tenant said I don't know who touch your shed I never go to the garden and I told her it your responsibility to look after the property. I think her partner is causing all the damgage in my property the door, the wall, and the shed lock.

My question is, I khow her partner how he look like and I also know when he lives, if I knock on his door to make sure if it was him in my property on the 13/01/2013. I can report him to the Police because the Police told him to stay away from my property and the tenant was not allowed to let him in my property. Also could I evice my tenant b efore the 18/03/2013 becuase she is also causing trouble?


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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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