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Tenant lying to get re-housed

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6 weeks ago I took over the management of a tenanted property from the Landlord.
I visited the tenant, went through the house and sat in her lounge and wrote down the maintenance issues.
These were windows not opening
Condensation due to the above
Faulty fire alarm
Small flat roof require re-roofing but not evidence of water dripping in.

Within 2 weeks we got the windows and the smoke alarm repaired. I talked to her about condensation and sent her a fact sheet on how to reduce condensation which in my opinion if she acted appropriately would quickly resolve the situation. I also confirmed with the Landlord that the small flat roof would be replaced shortly.

We then entered into a new 12 month agreement and I provided a condition report. Both were signed and returned by the tenant with no comments that I had omitted any items on the condition report.

So extremely surprised and bewildered on Friday evening at 5pm from friend of the tenant telling me that the property is uninhabitable! She initially complained that the property was damp but after trying to reason with her for over 10 mins she then said that bathroom ceiling was falling down and that there was no door on the bathroom. Obviously I was extremely surprised and wanted to know when this had happened and why I hadn't been informed immediately. I got a builder round on Saturday morning who confirmed that the tenant had punched a hole in the bathroom ceiling and removed the bathroom door, reason unknown.

I think that the top and bottom of it is they want a bigger property, they demanded that I rehouse them or get them on the housing list. I informed them that I could do neither but I am very concerned about protecting myself. Sorry its a long story but any ideas what I should do about them? They have damaged the property and non of my Landlords will want them.

If they want to go then we will not stop them.

27/11/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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