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UU are trying to "create" a second water bill on a property i own. I currently pay the water bill on one "half" of the house, but they want to charge me on the second "half" as well. The property has been classsed with two council taxes since it was split in two, however there is one water supply to the property (one rateable value of old and no meter), and one electric and gas supply. The property was divided into an upstairs and downstairs with the front door as the entrance to one flat and the back door as the entrance to the upstairs flat. Can you advise me wether it is classed as one property or two for water? I have one mortgage on it and the property cannot be split and sold in two "halves" etc. I have had this ongoing dispute for a few yrs since a previous tenant moved in and inadvertantly created a second account at UU to get a refund on his water bill from the address he moved from because they wouldnt send him a cheque.I resolved it at the time and was told that i should ignore water bill reminders as i paid on the other account and they can't remove the address from their system. Every now and again the problem arises again, and UU are now chasing the new tenant for water arrears after someone knocked on the door demanding his name. I simply cannot get through to these people that i pay the account on DD mnthly,so i am wondering wether there actually should be two bills or not. I dont want to ring and ask them again before i know the facts.Any ideas please?
20/11/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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