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We have a property that was a public house, which, we have done extensive alterations to and now the downstairs is offices to my restoration company which my sons and I jointly run together.

We had a tenant move in the upstairs flat with her boyfirend in 2008. she split up with her boyfriend 2 weeks after moving in and he left, since then she has been off and on a tenant from hell.

After she made several suicide attempts where the police broke the doors in, which we have had to replace at our cost but never received her share of the benefitted rent, we have now put an eviction notice on her, but she has sent people to our offices who have threatened to shoot us or knife us. We have always kept the police informed.

Through an agency who asist these sort of people we have had the housing inpector put certain conditions to bringing the flat to modern standards. Our tenant has damaged new windows and doors but the housing association say the responsibility is ours.

The list is not to onerous but one of the condition on us is that we have the PAYG gas meter installed in her premises as at present it is in ours. She begged us when she was in severe debt with the gas company to turn it from a credit metre to the pay up font(PAYG) metre, swearing that she would not ask us to come in outside of working hours. The credit electric metre is also installed in our downstairs premises.
Q. Is it a legal obligation that we have them installed in her flat?.

08/11/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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