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I have 2 lodgers in my house who have agreed to stay for around a year. Thats fine. However I also have 2 OTHER friends who want to stay as lodgers for only around 3 months. With me as a live in landlord and 4 lodgers that makes 5 which yep you guessed it makes it a hmo. not a problem, i have applied for the hmo license and all is well with this. However heres the unique problem which you probebly haven't encoutered before.

I have managed to get a hmo license WITHOUT having a buy to let mortgage due to me being a live in landlord. I have a residencial mortgage.

However I only have consent to lease for a total of 2 lodgers from my bank. Is there any way to ask my bank for a 'tempory extra lease' or something for 2 MORE lodgers who dont want to stay long? Do they do this? (Do they even check? If so how?) I must stress the 2 lodgers are friends im trying to help out and will only stay a few months. My mortgage is with halifax.

So I guess the question is, whats the deal with residencial mortgage lenders when you go over the maximum 2 lodgers allowed if they are only tempory lodgers. Is there a way to gain a permit for them? Or should I just play it safe and tell my friends they cant stay at the moment. I know this is the easiest answer for you to give but please try to find a way as my two friends would greatly appreciate it. I know they could switch me to another mortgage to suit however this it is only short term that i will be over the limite of allowed lodgers.

and seriously, how do the banks find out exactly how many lodgers I have? do they do raids etc? i cant imagine it as long as I pay my mortgage on time every month.


23/08/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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