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Agent let apartment for sum not agreed

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I spoke to my letting agent regarding reletting our apartment, it had been 575.00 for 2 1/2 years so wondered if it could go up to 600.00 she assured us would be easy to let for 600.00. However another person did the viewing and let it for 585.00? I asked why and was told she thought it was that price? It was one the internet at 600.00pm and on the agents file at 600.00. I ask if she would ask the prospective tenant that there had been a mistake and it would they pay 600.00 I did agree that if they would not pay the extra 15.00 pm rather than lose them they could have it for 6 months then it would have to be increased. She said they refused but were happy for it go up after 6 months. We went to meet our new tenants the day after they moved (we manage ourselves, we've had horrendous problems with agents)and found out they had not been told it should have been 600. They viewed it thinking it was 600.00 as that's what it was on the internet, they assured us they would not have refused to pay the extra 15.00 for fear of losing it, they were a lovely couple and were genuinely amazed the agent had lied to us. We have of course contacted the agent, the manager will not answer our calls or e-mails the only person who answers my e-mails is the girl that did the viewing and she's lying saying we agreed to let it for 585.00 and did not say we wanted 600.00 I have an e-mail saying we wanted 600.00 but she will not acknowledge it. We know it's only 15pm but over 6 months that's 90 and would go a long way to the massive fees for the apartment. Any suggestions what should we do? R&T
27/10/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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