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We have a large number of properties in York and for 3 years approx we had the properties under management with a small lettings agent.

The agreement was that they would do full management but we would control rents direct to our accounts system as we also do this in Durham.

We found out in November that they were not inspecting the properties and some were in a bit of a state, we therefore terminated the contract and in December took control of the management ourselves, we are now coming to the end of our analysis.

However the majority of our tenants are students and were signed up for august 2007.

We have had confirmation from the lettings agent that the bonds were taken before the April 2007 new legislation and therefore were not registered into a scheme.

He has sent us a cheque for all the deposits however feels he is owed further monies from us for management fees and has deducted this money from the bonds (approx 2500.00) and paid us the balance which we hold, he has just take a lump sum and not been specific.

We have informed him that this was illegal and any dispute with us should be detailed and we will respond accordingly, he will not budge from what he has done.

We have consulted our solicitors and are ready to take legal action however our solicitor has advised us of the following options to us:

1. Take legal action on behalf of the tenants.

2. Inform all tenants of his actions and spread the deduction across the tenants and inform them that the balance should be taken up with him, or select a house/houses close to the balance and make deduction and inform the tenants of this. This will let the tenants decide course of action.

We have contacted UKALA for which he is a member but they have not helped,they just past informamtion on to agent!

Please can you advise or assist in this matter thought you may have come acroos other experiences

Many thanks

Norman Barron

16/05/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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