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I have full management services off a well known countrywide letting agency. They placed a tenant in my property 6 months ago. In the tenants agreement rent was supposed to be paid through standing order but agency let him off with this subsequently he only paid one months rent then decided he would not pay any more. After 4 months he decided to flood the place (accidentally or wilfully unknown). As I work abroad agency should have taken care of everything and made property safe by turning off water they did not and property was flooded causing extensive damage ie all carpets and furniture had to be condemed because of water damage and mould agency said it was not their problem they then released tenant without forwarding address when contacting them to see what they were going to do about putting the property back to its original state no reply. Phoned the Head Office no help approximately 2 weeks later unmarked envelope was put through letter box of my private residence with the key to the property inside with no compliment slip or letter attached. Now they have given my private address to all creditors and i am recieving final demands for unpaid bills in the ex tenants name with my private address on [this must be highly illegal],i cannot open this mail as they are addressed to differant person but with my address on,when tenant moved out he left opened letters at property they were from credit recovery companys asking for payments to differant companys he has defaulted with [so much for their credit checks]i have found out that the address he gave argy he did not live there ,up till now i have found 4 addresses for him in the last 2 years Bond is still held by agency but not enough to cover all damages let alone arrears of rent. Agency are members of ARLA but they have done nothing to rectify this matter and are ignoring all correspondence. The attitude of management and staff at this office is offensive and disrespectful as well as unprofessional in their attitude to landlords they are quite happy taking your money each month but when problems arise with tenants they have not got the experience to solve the problems they seem to bury their head in the sand hoping you will go away. I have had to start repairs of redecoration of all property because of health hazard caused by mould in the property. The property is situated in a 6 appartment block with young children living directly over the property.any advice would be welcomed as the agency will not even answer my calls because the manageress at this branch thinks i am being argumentative by asking questions
06/07/2006 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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