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I paid an over payment on behalf of a client and this was as far as I'm concerned (after alot of back and forth with HB) the end of the matter full and final settlement (the tenant was actually in residence at the time of the overpayment but doesn't seem to get you anywhere explaining over and over that she still lived there..) anyway they have now sent a letter saying sorry they made a mistake and they need more money from us for period x to x. Funny thing is they gave me the address of tenant as she moved out of the flat we had (they never normally disclose tenants new address). My question is can they suddenly after a time say sorry we made a mistake more money needed or what? Its totally out of order anyway as the tenant was in residence regardless of if she put in a claim for somewhere else she did not give the keys back and all her furniture was in the flat and she was always there as I visited the property - the tenant is completely irresponisble anyway and I need some advice before the landlord goes crazy. I heard there was a certain term you could use to sort this matter out with HB so they couldn't do this sort of thing. Now wonder most people do not want to take HB tenants it causes too much aggravation. Its been 5 months since the tenant legally left our property.
I hope someone can help.
17/11/2006 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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