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I am in the final stages of licensing a 7 bedroom property which I converted last year from a 3 bed house into a HMO with the sole intention of renting to 7 independent students.
The property was completely gutted and refurbished, complete re-wiring, plumbing, floor boards, staircases, plastering etc (you get the picture)
Throughout the renovation works, which were completed in September 2005 I had the HMO team (Manchester City Council) involved and one of their technical team visited the property on three separate occasions to discuss everything from room layout to amenity ratios. Numbers of bathrooms, kitchen sink, cooker size, size of rooms everything, including the need for wash basins in the bedrooms. I was advised by the technical officer that I did not have to install sinks in the rooms and as such none of the plumbing has been installed- which at the time would have been of little bother to me. The sole reason for my involving the HMO officer at the time was due to the pending introduction of the HMO licensing and he was fully aware of this and the reason for his involvement.
I have now been informed that to be able to have the license granted I will have to agree to install sinks into all bedrooms, due to the layout of the property this will be a major undertaking.
Could you offer any suggestion as to what I should do next?
Am I legally obliged to do whatever the HMO team now request even if it directly contradicts their advice less than 18 months ago?
I am a young property developer and after mortgages my profit only just covers my living costs, this sort of expense just isn't feasible for me.
Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, Stephen Day

13/12/2006 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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