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We let a property to three Saudi students, however on the day of tenancy only one move in as the other two were having problems getting there visa's renewed. The one tenant moved in and was in arrears with his rent, we went out to the property and it was appalling the house had been trashed, burn marks in the carpets, broken wardrobes, damage to furniture the whole house smelt throughout, rubbish piling up in the entrance hall and kitchen, it looked like the property had been abandoned so we double locked the door. We had a student come in to say his belongings were in the property however he was not a named tenant so I explained that he would have to bring the named tenants to the office so we could allow access. It then came apparent that the one saudi tenant had been subletting the two rooms in the house and he had gone back to saudi because the original two tenants who had not arrived yet had phoned to say they were on there way. The landlord is refusing to give back the gentleman belongings until he pays for the damage, the gentleman went to the council to say the landlord had locked him out of of his home however when I explained that he was not a tenant on the tenancy they said there was little they could do but he would advise the gentleman to go to the police as the landlord is withholding his belongings. What I need to know is can the landlord withhold his belongings until the outstanding amount is paid for the damage? I would appreciate your help on this matter.
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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