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How to you deal with counterclaim?

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I wanted to ask how do you deal with false counterclaim when you have served section 8 notice for rent arrears.

The counterclaim is for:

1) The defendants live in a double room within the property which they understand is a House of Multiple Occupation but is not licenced as such.

2) The defendants signed a tenancy agreement. They have never received a copy of the tenancy agreement but understand this is a Assured Shorthold Tenancy.

3) For the Rent Arrears they are saying they paid in cash as per landlord asking them.

4) Illegal eviction.

5) Leak in bathroom

6) Deposit protection

7) etc so many made up things.

The problem is not proving that so many things have been made up. The cost in doing this thru my solicitor will be so much that even if i win it will not be able to recover legal costs and rent arrears as the tenants are on legal aid therefore have no income.

03/06/2019 10:24

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