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Sasha Richards
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I'm a first time landlord and I've been on a VERY steep learning curve as my tenants refused to pay the rent after the first month and I'm finding that the RLA flow diagrams and documents have been a great help.

My tenants have obviously done this sort of thing before but I'm taking them to court and have a date of 7th Feb. They have raised a defence form N11R to my claim for repossession and rent arrears giving the reason for them only being able to repay the rent arrears, which are now 2100, at 50/mth as one of them has credit card debts and overdrawn bank accounts which they are having to repay each month in addition to the rent.

I was very remiss in not doing the credit checks through a credit checking agency when I took them on but I did do the employer checks. I've now paid for RLA credit checks but the IDplus Insight Records show Nil for everything - Open AND Closed accounts.

In the defence form one of them has a bank loan and bank overdraft, 2 credit cards and a 300 phone balance owing. This didn't show up on the RLA credit check so how do I get any information to show that she is lying?

I feel so strongly about this and the fact that they've obviously done this before that I feel like making them actually bankrupt. Can I do this even if the Judge has made a ruling?

I'm sorry if this is so long but I desperately need your help here!!

03/02/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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