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I have a potential young tenant who says she has an eating disorder. The govt's discrimination against under-25's, means she wd. only getsingle room equivalent for a 1 bed flat, hence a large rent shortfall. The tenancy would be in her name only.

The first potential guarantor was her boyfriend/'partner', a self-employed Hackney Cab operator - on questionning, he says he has a past CCJ; he then suggested her brother as a guarantor. He has only been a Hackney Cab operator for 2 weeks, previously unemployed, and not a house owner. The third shot, appears to be another self employed Hackney Cab operator, who is said to own 4 houses.

I dont want to make racist or cultural assumptions in arriving at my decision as it may be that her community/relatives/friends,rally round in ways that used to happen in our culture, without the need for legal sanctions.

I've told the guarantors it will be a waste of their money and mine if their application is likely to fail.

I'm an experienced, long-standing landlord, so far without problem tenants, but am quite naieve around housing benefit/guarantors stuff.

Any tips wd. be gratefully received to help me to arrive at a more informed and fair decision in whether to go forward in processing this application.

05/03/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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