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Whilst reading the news items on another well known landlords website I have just read something saying that from Autumn 2008 we landlords will have to provide an energy certificate to all new tenants in our properties, stating the energy rating of the property and appliances.

As this is deadline is still some time off, and I know RLA do get involved and lobby on new legislation issues, might I make the suggestion that this requirement is made mandatory only for properties that were constructed before some agreed threshold date?

I will leave the experts to decide what date is appropriate as they will know what insulation standards applied within building regulations during particular time periods, and I don't.

It seems rather silly and expensive for all owners of brand new properties constructed to the higher levels of thermal installation in the current regs to immediately have to go out and hire someone for a certificate to prove the place is well insulated.

Whilst I accept certificates must be obtained for gas and electricity checks, where safety is concerned, this legislation is likely to cost us another 100+ pounds per annum and is an utter waste of money in new buildings which have already been built and checked to a particular thermal standard to meet the building regulations.

Perhaps we need to focus our energy assessment resources on the buildings that were constructed many years ago before insulation standards were as high as they are today.

The government seems to find it very easy to use up other people's financial resources in ways that are not cost effective or sensible.

Did other landlords realise this was on the horizon too?

12/03/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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