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I was unable to get a specialist solicitor to act on my behalf at such short notice, having phoned 12 or so each one recommending some one else in turn, finally get one to listen or should I say got the secretary to listen, and she told me he was on holiday till Thursday. desperate by now with this emergency court injunction, (which is designed to force me to let the tenants from hell back in) hanging over my head, as a last resort -I went direct to the owner of the agency and told him the story,(got the number from an influential friend who'd also had trouble with same incompetent person ), (needless to say the manager of the branch I used to source the tenants had not informed the owner of the company of my dire situation,) I felt they owed me something as the credit checks had not been done and the references were crap as I later discovered having demanded to see them. The owner of the company (in the business for 20yrs had never heard any thing like it) and advised me not to let them back in under any circumstances, I explained what this could cost me (liberty) fine and compensation for the Ar*!+!* so he agreed to contact said solicitor direct next morning, the long and short of that , the solicitor thought it might be a bluff and he would contact my adversaries solicitor explaining our case when he came back on Thursday. so I still don't know where I stand just keeping my head down .
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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