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Hi, sorry about the length of this post but please stay with it...

I've seen other posts about negligent letting agents and how to sue them. Anyone have any ideas as to how to complain about an agent who is just utterly incompetent and has gotten everything wrong at every step of the tenancy.

Examples that spring to mind are misinforming the tenants about fixtures and fiting, errors in the net payment to me (always rounded down in their own favour and not calculated correctly, again always in their favour), overcharging of agreed set-up fees, persistent failure to correct errors despite my requests to do so, refusal to build in 2 months notice into tenancy agreement as i'd requested, consistent late payment to me (still haven't had April payment, due on the 1st), consistent non-provision of rental statements (still haven't had a statement for March or April) etc etc etc. Then the manager tells me he'll be putting me to the back of the queue at rent payment time and won't deal with any queries or issues I may have.

Oh yeah, they've also changed the energy supplier without mine or the tenants knowledge and given the managers name as the recipient of the associated Tesco clubcard points, which constitutes fraud to me. Flippin' cheek...! Tenants are mega hacked off with them too...

Not sure I can sue, but the company is just sooooo irritating and it feels like they're stealing my money each month. I've given them 3 months notice to end the agreement, as per the contract. Anyone got any other thoughts...?

18/04/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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