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Dear David (Absalom),

This is a copy of the note I sent, which went unanswered. I would appreciate a written reply for my records.

"My tenant pays a good rent and so far on time. He knows it is a non-smoking flat and told me he didn't smoke; AST reflects this policy.

A recent fire safety check done by local Fire /Service revealed:-
1. Battery taken out of smoke alarm I had fitted.
2. Cigarette ash and papers all over living room floor and coffee table.
3. Kitchen full of bags of rubbish, literally full. And stinking.
4. Place had never been washed, vacced, dusted... nothing. Bathroom basin disgusting.
5. Plates with encrusted food on them; glass with green mould growing in them. Place just smells of sweat and rotting food.

Fire Safety Officer told me the place is a fire risk for these reasons and the use of multiple plugs on one socket. He has installed a ten-year tamper-proof alarm.

What should I do? Three months to run on AST. What rights do I have to tell him to stop smoking and throw his rubbish out, etc. etc.?"

21/05/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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