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I have tenants that moved into a flat back in March this year. They have a six month tenancy. They both seemed nice people and all has been good until a couple of days ago when they asked to see me.
On my arrival they firstly apologized that they had cancelled the standing order that had been set up to pay their rent. They said that they were unhappy with the bank that they were currently using therefore asked me if they could pay by cash this month.

The other issue they had was that they wanted to give me notice even though they were only three months into their six month tenancy. They went on to explain that one of them had changed jobs and a more suitable flat had come on the market which they had viewed and accepted. They went on to say that it was no reflection on the flat that they currently rent from us. They stressed it was just that the other one they had seen was far more convenient for work. I explained to them that they already have a six month tenancy agreement with me and they were only three months through it. They said that they were unaware that they couldn’t give us one months notice regardless of the agreement.

A couple of days later I called around to collect the rent they told me that they had sought advise on their dilemma They said that the tenancy agreement which they had signed and which they had a copy of was not legal because they only had a photo copy of the original? And that they had been in touch with housing standards because a room in the flat that they are using as a bedroom had no natural light or ventilation. Regarding the room with no natural light or ventilation this is true and they were told before they took the tenancy that this room could only be used for storage as it had no natural light or ventilation. How do I stand legally and what is the best course of action for me when it is quite obvious that the tenants by their own admission the reason they have given to end their tenancy early has nothing to do with the flat they rent. We have no deposit because at the time deposits were a confusing issue to say the least.

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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