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Chris F
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I have a 6 bedroom house where I rent each individual room to single professionals inclusive of bills, and they have the share of the communal areas. Each has taken occupation of a room at separate times. They have all been there more 6 months and have each their own House Share Agreement. I now need to move into the property within the month, although I will not be there very much in the next few months. This will not be my main residence.

One is in breach of contract as he has had his girlfriend living there for over 2 months (it is for single professionals only), and has never asked, so I will serve notice to him. The remaining three do not have to leave if they do not want too. I am happy for them to stay.
I have one remaining room and have advertised it as "live in with Landlord".
My question is -
1) Do I need to change the remaining Agreements to a Licence Agreement or can the House share agreement remain in force with just a covering letter to inform them of my intention to move in. I will be speaking with them about it first.
2) By keeping the House Share Agreement in place and covering letter will this affect who keeps the deposit
3) By renting a room only - I have been told that you only need to have the tenant for three months and give one month's notice. I need someone to clarify this, for the future agreements in case I have misunderstood it.
4) If this is not my main residence, do I use an AST or Licence Agreement for future tenants.
And I just might have other questions too soon.

29/07/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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