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Dear Sir/Madam

We rent a flat in leeds we live in the midlands, we had a tennant move in just over a year ago, His contract ran out end of 27th July we contacted a few weeks before this and asked if he would like a new contract he said not sure could he let us know in a few weeks.

His rent payment day is 27th of each month.

He is a student and comes from Saudi Arabia and his here with his wife and daughter.

We were on holiday from mid August for 2 weeks till 2 September on the 26 August recieved a text saying moving out as got student accomodation, on the 28 he rang me in France and said had just taken all his things out and going on Holiday back home, will not be back till mid October and the flat was empty and was leaving keys with a friend and would e mail us his details.

Sure enough when we got back home he had e mailed a friends details we wrote to the tennant and his friend and said we would be up to do a inspection on the property as he had not given us a months notice he was leaving and could we meet him or is friend there.

We went up this Wednesday no one turned up we inpected the flat and was a mess, lamminet flooring all chipped and had been wet, cooker black and burnt, stains on all the mattress, shower very very dirty, sink blocked and leaking into cupboard, marks on walls things missing etc

Also when we got there we met the caretaker who said he had been given some keys for a flat, we looked at them and there are 2 keys missing a front door and main etrance door key.We also found out while there that he had slso sublet the carparking space to someone else.


1)Are we right to think he owes 1 months rent for September ?

2) As he is a student from a different country if he does not pay for the damage can we take him to court as the bond will not cover ?

3) Can we should we change the locks?

4) Can we enter the property ?

5)As he is not back till mid October should we start to get the place cleaned up have taken 97 photo's but while it is empty we are not getting any rent ?

6) Should I send the tennat a letter asking for this months rent?

Regards krystina

11/09/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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