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I have just received a letter from Leicester Law Centre regarding my tenants deposit This states that I have not complied with Section 213 of the Housing Act. and that I have not supplied tenants with Statutory Information etc.

The tenacy agreement was singed on 31/03/07 and the deposit was paid then and the tenants moved in on 12th April. The letter states that the tenants paid the deposit on 11th April even though Law Centre has a copy of agreement which clearly shows the 31 March. It was my assumption, maybe wrongly that if the deposti was paid prior to when the scheme commenced then it would not form part of the new scheme.

I am now being asked for 1672 comprising three times the deposit AND please note this amount includes the tenants getting the deopist of 468 back now even though they have not moved out yet.

Obviously I am shocked by this as I am well aware of the Scheme and its implications and would not have got myself into this kind of difficulty.

What can I do if anything/ Can't afford to pay it the flat is running at a loss now because of the interest rate increases of late.

I would appreciate a quick reply. regards Marie Lee

15/09/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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