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Hi There. I have several questions.

1. When filling out a section 21 agreement on the first day of a tenancy do you put the tenants address as the address of the property they have just moved into, or the property they have just come from ie their previous address?

2. Are there any guidelines published that give details on what can and cant be classed as fair wear and tear on a tenanted property. As a Landlord I think a property should be returned in exactly the same condition as you gave it in or better (it rarely happens though) but I think some tenants just try to push the boundaries as far as fair wear and tear are concerned. Is it feasible to put the following at the back page of my inventorys......

Sometimes what a a landlord and what a tenant sees as wear and tear are two separate things. As a Landlord I expect a huge standard of cleanliness and care from my tenants. If a property is not left to the same standard as it was first handed over to you then you will be charged full prices for products/materials and tradesmans rates for labour, if the bond does not cover all outstanding expenses then I will take legal action against you to recover the defecit.

3. Do you have an inventory example filled in correctly and a blank copy of what you would consider to be the ultimate inventory.

4. Are rent arrears and damages allowable against a bond.

5. When signing a guarantor agreement is it sufficient to have the Landlord to witness the signature or do you need a further and independant witness.

6. If there are two guarantors ie a mother and a father of the tenant are they jointly and severally responsible for the rent and the damages if using the RLA unlimited guarantor forms.

7. What happens if one of the Guarantors dies or if one or both of them move house? How do you cover yourself in this instance?

Thanks Paul Million.

21/10/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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