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Good afternoon
In June 2010 I appointed a estate agent Chase Buchanan to seek a tenant for my flat which they fould .I agreed to pay a 7% fee for purely the finders fee for the duration of the AST contract of 2 years. I paid this up until June 2012.
When I signed this the agents did little to assist, and I met the tenant at the flat initially and then had to go and sign/initial the Chase Buchanan contract in their office on a saturday afternoon - the agent who had chased me was unavailable to meet me at the office as she had gone home so told me to sign/ initial which I did..foolishly. I have not received a letter'without predudice' stating that in the terms of the contract I need to pay for their services for the duration the same tenant is at the property..
They have done nothing during the period and realistically cannot afford to pay a further 900 to them for nil service. I therefore may have to serve notice on the tenant as this seems to be the only way I can stop having to pay their fee.
Is this right? Do I have to keep paying them? - it seems appauling and sharp practice. I did write to them quoting a case between Foxtons estate agents and the Office of Fair Trading but they have since written back stating that renewal fees were not deemed as unfair even if no negotiation had taken place by the agent to extend the tenancy.
FYI the tenant is now on an AST as prepared by me based on an RLA standard AST format.
If you could advise me as to what rights I have here if any as they are pressing to take me to small claims Court..

Many thanks for your service

Jules Pointon
tel 07500 123 277

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24/02/2013 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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