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I live in London and the flat which was let is in the North. the agent said the tenant was keeping the property in good condition. the property was let in October 2005 before the new legislation for rent deposits. the deposit is still with the agent. I had asked him to keep it until the damage to the flat was put right because although the agent assured me that everything was fine, when we went ther in September last year when she left it was in a terrible condition. The tenant was a DSSS tenant. It was a 6 month old new build flat. She had a 3 year old son. When we went there the floor was damaged, the fridge/freezer was damaged, and a lot of other things were not right. Although the agent was supposed to have taken an inventory , obviously he had not because we had to show him some of the damage. There were hampster droppings every where and although it was a week after the tenant left, nothing was done by the agent to bring the flat to a reasonable condition in order to let it out again.

To make a long story short, we had to stay there for a month to get the place to a reasonable condition. The agent sent a cleaner who cleaned a lot and the next day she had to come with someone else as there was a lot of cleaning. They cleaned the cooker and oven which was filthy and even cleaned the carpet. If a carpet cleaner and oven cleaner was employed it would have cost much more. the cleaner said the lad who originally painted the flats was in the premises and would paint the walls. The walls were drawn on and there were black marks everywher. the painter sait if just the patches were painted it would look horrible and the whole flat had to be painted. As he was doing it cheap he did not provide and invoice. However; the agent paid him and the cleaner. I know the painting was 200.00 as the walls were very high as it was a converted salt mill. As the Managemet Company was close by with the verbal agreement of the agent we gave the other jobs to them, some of which they have done.

I am finding it difficult to get an estimate for the damage to the fridge freezer and the bath. It looks as though I will have to go there and get other establishments as the Mangement Company seems to be reluctant to give written estimates for some reason. They were on the phone giving verbal estimates. The damage to the floor is over 1500.00 to put right.

Unfortunately I had not got insurance as the agent said there was a guarantor and it was not necessary. Now the tenant is threatening to sue me asking for the deposit back. The agent does not answer e mail messages or answer the phone. The tenant has sent me a copy of a court form which according to her she will send to court this week. How so I go about sueing the agent for negligence?. I am worried that it may cost over 500.00 to sue the agent as its 500.00 the tenant is asking for. Plese help!

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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