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I own a flat which is rented out to tenants . I have a letting agent that manages the property . Over some time I have not been happy with their services . They spent my rental income on things without my prior permission which totals around 500 . There have been some other issues resulting them hiring a cowboy plumber to install my bathroom which cause many leaks to the basement flat neighbour . The issue went on for ages but I was only informed of the issue by my basement flat neighbour and not the letting agent . In fact my neighbour told me which she contacted them about the problem they have been very rude to her which is why she contacted me directly .
So come to renewal time I said the tenants can stay but I was dispensing the letting agents service as I was not happy with them . They kicked up a fuss about why I wanted to terminate their services I responded with the details stated above and they said nothing for a month . I contacted them again about getting things into order ie transfer deposit from DPS scheme to my name and getting the keys etc . And now they have said that I have a choice of kicking out the tenants and get my own set of tenants as legally the tenants belong to them ! Or pay a 6 month termination fee!
I gave two months notice about this and they never raised this to my attention . In fact when I have been emailing them over the last week or so they failed to respond . Even phoning them resulted in failure which now I suspect they were stalling for time ... until today when they contacted me to drop this bombshell .
I am also annoyed by the fact that they boasted that they have been to court over these matters in the past and have always won . I don't like being intimidated in such a manner !
They even hassled the tenants today about paying two sets of rent at the end of the month and the tenants are confused !
The fact is they had two months to sort this out but left it to the last minute in hope for me to give in and continue using their terrible services and collect a fee for it !
I am happy to renegotiate the fee - which I have told them and they failed to respond but I don't believe I should be paying them 6 months worth ! I was thinking perhaps two months to match the two months notice .
And so my question is where do I legally stand ?



12/08/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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