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Irregularities of the Letting Agent

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(1) Letting agent was specifically asked to rent to a 'professional'.
(2) He confirmed the same and sent an unsigned Agreement for 1000 pm commencing from December08 with an amount equal to 2 months rent less his charges etc.
(3) Sent this Agreement to Tenant for signature and was not responded for more than a fortnight
(4) Contacted Tenant on phone after a long chase who said she was on benefit and was advised by the Letting Agent not to respond as the Landlord did not know that the Tenant was on benefit and may evict the tenant.
(5) Also revealed by the Tenant that she had already signed a different Agreement (and sent the copy of the same) for a rent of 1200pm where the Council to pay the rent directly to the letting Agent commencing from 10th November.
(6) When questioned the Letting Agent for two different agreements with different dates and Terms(who was not authorised as a Managing Agent)he replied that it was customary to make this arrangement for a Council Tenant.
(7) He now claims that he paid the initial rent for two months and wants it back.
(8) The Tenant is in arrears from the date of taking possession (10th November) till 15th February (since I informed the Council to pay the rent directly in my bank account and not to the Letting Agent who has not authorised.
(9) Even as on today there is no valid agreement with the Tenant.
(10) What steps I shold take against the Letting Agent (I have refused to return his deposit till he delivers the valid agreement and recovers initial rent and deposit from the tenant)and against the Tenant for arrears.

05/05/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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