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My daughter has rented an unfurnished property at 500 pounds a month through letting agents. she viewed the property 8 weeks ago, after the current tenant gave notice. The property had been up for rent for a while. As it suits her purposes she decided to take the property and shelved out an enormous amount of money for credit checks and agreements to be drawn up.

She was due to move in last tuesday but got a phone call from the agent saying the previous tenant had left the place in a tip, including furniture and they would have to delay the tenancy to today (wednesday).

Daugther arrived at the Agents office to sign and pay over 1400 pounds for deposit and months rent to be told they did not have the key (note singular) the person cleaning the carpets had the key and he would give it to her.

She drives to the flat, and has to wait 25 minutes before the carpet cleaner turns up - then she relises she has not been given the code to get into the building or the carpark.

Once inside she finds the following:

She has not been given an inventory yet, cannot find the meters etc

Kitchen: glass hob has a huge crack in it and it runs over one of the large elements. No lights work in the kitchen (halogen 7 lamp fitting) the extractor fan in the kitchen and light does not turn on. The oven appears to work, the fridge/freezer appears to work, but the dishwasher and washing machine have not yet been tested.
Cupboards are marked and very sticky

Bathroom - the shower glass door has come off the wall and therefore cannot shower unless the floor gets wet. The extractor in the bathroom was not working.

Bedroom - broken light fixture (noted that 8 weeks ago) electric heating and the plastic on the heater is cracked

Hallway - burning smell from heater, some lights not working

Lounge - laminate flooring is badly marked but looks like it can be cleaned. Walls are badly marked, and there looks to be burn mark on the wall where the previous tenant put the sofa right up next to the heater. Curtains are missing, or if there some have torn off the rings.

these agents came recommended from people who know the area. She tells me that the tenancy is a 12 month - which suited what she needed - but also when I said tell the agents to get out and fix it - she said there is a clause in the agreement that says if they send out a workman to check what needs to be done and they decide it does not need fixing, then she has to pay 100 pounds!!

She is concerned that what we deem unacceptable - crack glass hob, shower door hanging off wall, only one set of keys (who has the others), lights not working, extractors not working etc etc - the agent will say it is fine you can cook on the hob etc etc and not fix the problems.....

She has made a long list of all the problems she could find, but had to stop due to lack of light - she had not thought she would need a torch! - she could not stay there the first evening and now is wondering whether she should take any more of her things up until the place is completely sorted, they already have 2 months for deposit plus one month for rent,

She thinks the agents are not too bothered by the problems after her phone call with them today.

She would like to know what comeback she has, to get them to fix everything now rather than later.

Any views and advice gladly welcomed

12/09/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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