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I have had my property managed by proxy with a local letting agent for about 3 years. After a number of failed times when they have not satisfied their end of the management arrangement I have decided to terminate our agreement. They are currently serving a 2 month notice period

During this process however I have discovered a number of things. It turns out the tenants , who claim benefits, actually never paid a deposit for the property - the money I received for a deposit apparently was from the agent who is now chasing the tenant for it. They have also - without my authorisation given the tenants their notice when in fact I was willing to see out the duration of their tenancy agreement. It appears they want to keep the tenant and move them into one of their properties.

all in all my dealings with this agent have been shady and I have decided to join the RLA so I can manage the property by the book.

In an ideal world I want to create a new contract with the tenants and go through the proper checks but can imagine they would fail as it looks like the agent did what they could to get the tenant in so they could receive their commission.

I don't particularly have an issue with the tenants as I get my rent on time and would like to keep them but know they won't be able to suddenly come up with the deposit that the agent is trying to re-coup back from them. I'm not going to release the deposit back to the agent until the situation with the tenancy is resolved

any advice hints tips much appreciated. should I be legally recording every conversation I have with this shady agent?

05/06/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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