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hI guys I have a tenant that I would like to give notice to.

So the status at the moment is he underpaid by £200 and is claiming compensation because the boiler failed (middle of may in London) he had no hot water he claims he was using the heating. I had 3 engineers come out who tried to fix it (couldn't) and so within 6 days had a new boiler installed.

There was also a leak in the bathroom so i put a new floor and toilet (1st floor) in and now the
ceiling needs repainting as it has water damage discolouration.

I have all the paperwork confirmed at the issue of tenancy eg deposit properly protected and all that

Although I do have 1 complicating matter (how about this for a headache) the DPS (use rent guard DPS is shocking) say if you don't elect for the deposit on the insured scheme to go periodic at the end of fixed term they will automatically close the deposit (it says unprotected on their system) and you have to reprotect it by creating a new tenancy on their system. is it even possible for a deposit to become unprotected when it was initially protected correctly ? I'm a little worried about this either holding up the eviction or being sued ( he would love that lol)

THanks for your thoughts

04/06/2019 09:13

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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