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AAT Accounting Regulatory Body not investigating my accountant's misconduct and possible fraud

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My accountant caused me stress and losses by her negligence, breach of contract and possible fraud. I contacted her regulatory Body AAT who have not helped and lied on occasion and did not even provide me with a transcript of the telephone conversations under Subject Access.

I did not pay my accountant for the work which resulted in losses but paid her handsomely for the work completed correctly. Amongst her numerous mistakes she provided false evidence to HMRC which they have countered in writing and she misrepresented my assets to HMRC. I have my current accountant's evidence for this. When I told her that I would contact AAT her regulatory body, she in writing confirmed that she had already contacted them. So when I rang AAT they were baised pretended they never received my complaint and then contradicted themselves and said they could not get involved as my accountant was suing me for breach of contract which I have defended and counter claimed on. She did not even follow the pre action protocol for small claims proceedings in court.

AAT have been dragging this out for months and have not complied with the requisite time periods. I have received legal advice that the AAT can investigate misconduct despite the ensuing court matter as the courts only decide on debt. Had the AAT investigated and found misconduct my accountant would have pulled out of the court proceedings. Both she and the AAT are hiding behind a fabricated shield of court proceedings.

So basically what this means is that if any landlord has an issue with an AAT qualified accountant there is no recourse except court proceedings as the AAT seem to close ranks completely. I have all of the evidence to substantiate my claims against both my accountant and the AAT.

If anyone has had similar issues can they raise awareness of this to the RLA and the NLA. This could become a class action. I detect fraud.

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04/06/2019 17:16

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